GAME Reward

GAME Reward is our way of rewarding you every time you make a purchase in-store and online. To start earning Reward points, you just need a Reward account. You can pick up a card in-store, sign up online, or download the GAME app and get started today.

Get even more out of your shopping with GAME. Earn points on everything you buy (2%) and trade-in (1%), to use towards whatever you want! It couldn’t be simpler.

Please note: points aren’t earned for gift voucher or mobile game download purchases.

Related FAQ's

Why should I join GAME Reward?

Every time you shop you’ll earn Reward Points worth 2% of the order value.* If you trade-in games, consoles or accessories in any of our stores you’ll also earn 1% of that value back in points. You can even earn additional rewards through completing our cool Accolades. This effectively means being a part of Reward…

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What is GAME Reward?

GAME Reward is our way of rewarding you with every purchase you make from GAME, both online and in store. Every time you shop with us, you earn Reward points which can then be used against future orders.

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How do I spend my Reward points?

You can redeem your points on any purchase made online as well as in GAME Stores to reduce the cost of whatever you want to buy. Once your Reward account is linked to your online account, as long as you have earned at least £1.00 worth of Reward Points you can redeem them against the purchases you…

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How do I find my reward number?

Card: 13 Digit located on front of Reward Card App: Click ‘Your Card’ on home screen to see 13 digit Reward number Online account: Sign in, click ‘Rewards’ and click ‘see more…’

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My Reward Card number is different on my card and on my app?

If you attempt to sign up to the GAME app without a linking your Reward card/account, or using incorrect details, the app might not let you register your card at all and simply generate an entirely new reward number. To amend this simply Contact Us with your Reward Card and app details; Reward Card Number…

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How do I link my Reward card/account to a Online account?

Go to register with us page, To the right under ‘Existing Reward Card holder?’ Enter required details, Click ‘find my details’ Complete the rest of the section to the left & click next Create password & sign up to the GAME Newsletter   Can’t find your reward number? Lost our card? Click here Already have…

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How do I sign up to a GAME Reward account?

To become a GAME Reward member you can sign up in several ways:
In store: You can either download the GAME App (This creates a wallet account which includes a reward account too) or you can sign up at the till in store.
Online: You can either sign up for a account (which includes a reward account) or when you completed a transition online simply decided on a password & create a account (we will create and linked reward account to it for you)
At home: Download the GAME app, if don’t already have a reward account, it will create one for you. If you do already have an account or card you can simply link it to the App.

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