GAME Wallet

Combine your Reward points, GAME gift cards, and trade-in credit all in one handy place with GAME Wallet. No need to worry about remembering your cards when you shop; with GAME Wallet through the GAME app, just show your phone in-store to use your credit, earn points, and more.

In the future you’ll also be able to use your GAME Wallet online at GAME.CO.UK, as well as towards in-game content in selected publishers’ games.

Don’t forget – every time you shop using your GAME Wallet, you’ll earn Reward points, adding up to even more money off.

Related FAQ's

How do I sign up for GAME Wallet?

You can sign up to GAME Wallet here. Or;
Download the GAME app and follow the sign-up instructions.
Alternatively, if you’ve already got the GAME app just sign up/upgrade to the latest version to get your GAME Wallet.
If you want to use GAME Wallet in-store, you will need the GAME App, so it’s well worth downloading.

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What if I lose the gift card attached to my GAME Wallet?

As long as your gift card is linked to your GAME Wallet, you’ll still be able to spend the rest of your balance. If you think your card has been stolen, contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible so we can block the card and reduce the disk of unauthorized transactions.

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How do I link a gift card to my GAME Wallet?

To link your gift card to your GAME Wallet account, you need to open the GAME app and select GAME Wallet. Press manage funds, log-in when prompted, and click ‘Manage’. Select ‘Add’ to add a new gift card, and edit the 19 digit number and PIN from your gift card. If you don’t have the…

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