Gift cards and vouchers

Gift Cards can be bought instore or at, and can be used instore and also online at However they cannot currently be used for online Pre-orders.

eGift Vouchers are the online equivalent of a physical gift card. They are currently not available to buy, and are only generated to refund online orders made using a Gift Card.

Related FAQ's

How do I spend my eGift Voucher?

When placing your order, enter your eVoucher code(s) into the ‘I have an eVoucher’ box, and select ‘Apply’. eVouchers must be spent within 12 months of the date they are emailed. eVoucher Code(s) must be spent in one purchase, they can not be split between two separate orders.    

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What if my order costs less than my eVoucher is worth?

If your order costs less than the total of your eVoucher, the difference will be lost. It’s worth either adding more products to your order to use the rest of your voucher, or if using more than one eVoucher, remove one to save for later. Don’t worry – your basket will let you know if…

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What do I do if I lose my eVoucher?

Don’t worry! Give our Customer Service team a call – they’ll be happy to help.

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How do I spend my gift card at GAME.CO.UK?

Use your gift card for full or part payment of any products (except pre-orders) on our website. The total will be taken from the balance on your gift card when you place your order. Just remember to select the ‘I have a gift card box’, enter your gift card number and PIN, then select ‘Apply’….

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What if I lose the gift card attached to my GAME Wallet?

As long as your gift card is linked to your GAME Wallet, you’ll still be able to spend the rest of your balance. If you think your card has been stolen, contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible so we can block the card and reduce the disk of unauthorized transactions.

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How do I link a gift card to my GAME Wallet?

To link your gift card to your GAME Wallet account, you need to open the GAME app and select GAME Wallet. Press manage funds, log-in when prompted, and click ‘Manage’. Select ‘Add’ to add a new gift card, and edit the 19 digit number and PIN from your gift card. If you don’t have the…

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How do I use my gift card in-store?

Use your gift card for full or part payment on anything in GAME stores across the UK (excluding concessions within department stores). We’ll deduct the total of your purchases from your gift card balance. The remaining amount will be shown on your receipt.

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How do I buy a GAME gift card in-store?

Pick up a card from our in-store displays, or ask a member of staff. You can get anything from £1 up to £500 on each card. Just pay the usual way, and we’ll give you a receipt showing how much is on the card. It will be ready to use from the moment you get…

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How do I buy a GAME gift card online?

You can buy a range of pre-paid gift cards from GAME.CO.UK, from £10 to £50. Just add them to your basket like any other product. Once payment has been completed, we’ll post them out to you directly.  

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Why can’t I use my gift card towards online pre-orders?

Our gift cards can’t be used towards online pre-orders as we don’t take payment until the week before items are released. You can still use your gift card to pre-order in-store.

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What happens if I paid by gift card then cancel my online order?

If you’ve paid with a gift card and need to cancel your order, we’ll refund you by eVoucher code. We’ll email this to you directly. This can be used online for up to 12 months after the email is sent.

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How do I top-up my gift card?

To top-up your gift card, just bring it in to any GAME store and ask a member of staff. They’ll need to swipe your card to add the amount you want, which can be paid in cash, by card, or GAME Wallet.

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Where is my gift card PIN?

Your gift card pin can be found under the silver panel on the back of your card, to the right of the long gift card number. Just peel or scratch the panel away to find your 4 digit PIN.

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